Flintberry farm is an off-grid, high-performance sustainable home, born from the client’s commitment to sustainable living.
Using passive solar design and readily available materials, it celebrates the practicalities and joys of everyday life.
Recycled bricks are used as enclosure and thermal mass rather than structure, the internal spaces are zoned for thermal separation, providing respite from what can be a demanding environment.
Views of the landscape are carefully framed, your eye continually being drawn from inside to out.
Complete with battery banks, worm farm and a booming vegetable patch as well as a shipping container swimming pool which neatly slots in between wings of the building, this project is built around a lifestyle, driven by the values and ideals of our clients who have proudly achieved their goal and can now sit back ….and live the dream.
From our clients:

It is an automatic assumption for most people to connect to the grid but despite having power to the boundary for our new build; we couldn’t see any logical reason to do so. We wanted to invest in solar regardless, so rather than connecting to the grid, we decided to simply invest that money into extra battery storage instead.
We want to help normalise off-grid living and reduce the stereotype that it is cumbersome, radical or in any way less comfortable. With the right design, we do everything as we would normally and without any issues. We have not made design compromises and have made minimal lifestyle concessions, which overall, we believe have been for the better regardless. With over 80 fruit, nut and berry plants as well as a large vegetable garden we hope to grow as much of our own food as we can as the trees become established. Future plans include a couple of chooks to help out with excess produce in exchange for a few eggs.

Testimonial: Architecture in the Wild has been a pleasure to deal with throughout the building and design process. Jacinta always had an abundance of inventive ideas to overcome design conundrums in order to help us achieve our ideal design. That combined with her persistence and positive attitude has produced a home we will thoroughly enjoy for many years to come.